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Get the Traffic You Deserve With Your Marketing Campaign!!  Blast Your Ads to 50,000+ Email Addresses!!


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Updated November 6, 2004


Instant download of over 50,000 Email Leads that are Fresh, Targeted, and Ready to Buy Your Product.  Complete with MASS EMAIL Software so you can send your ads fast!  

These Leads are Updated Weekly for Maximum Results with your Marketing Campaign!


Get the Traffic You Deserve With Your Marketing Campaign!!


Blast Your Ads to


50,000+ Email Addresses!!






Get 50,000+ Email Leads and Watch Your Traffic and Your Sales


Instant Download!


From: Webmaster
Re: 50,000 Leads

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Fellow Internet Marketer:

Targeted email advertising is the most productive method of driving traffic to your sites.  The leads provided here are REAL EMAIL addresses of REAL PEOPLE that have a history of purchasing products on the internet!  Some programs provide email addresses of people that have never purchased on the internet and never intend to purchase on the internet.  That is NOT what you get with these leads.  These people have opted in their email address to a mailing list because THEY ARE EAGER TO RECEIVE YOUR OFFER!


Website promotion with a thorough email advertising campaign will drive massive traffic to your businesses.  Targeted, direct, email leads will get you the traffic you want to your sites.


These targeted email leads are very RESPONSIVE and it is the perfect email list for your business! 


When you send your ads to these leads YOU WILL GET MASSIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE!!  Can your site handle all the traffic???


These people are LOOKING for an online opportunity!!


In order to be successful in any business, the one thing you must have is effective advertising! You need an inexpensive and efficient method to recruit other people into your programs! And there is no better advertising than with quality email leads!


Please read below how you can get your own Massive Email List!




Look what our customers are saying:

"I purchased your leads about a week ago. Best business decision I've ever made!!  All I can say is, Awesome!!! To say the results were amazing is an understatement. I shared the leads with my partner, and together we had over 200 new members taking the tour at our websites. I'm sure all in all there were more than that. Thanks for the leads!!"  I will be back for more!!

-Gene C.  Seattle, WA.




"Your leads are awesome! I purchased your 10,000 email addresses and I generated 27 new members so far in my business. This is before I used the bonus leads!! This is just in a matter of 5-7 days. I just found myself a new lead provider!" 

-Carol G. Newark, NJ.




"Wow! You said your leads were fresh and responsive, but I didn't expect so many signups from 10,000 leads! That's incredible! I never realized targeted email advertising could be so profitable!  Can't wait to see the results from the bonus leads. The bonus downloads gave me traffic I never expected. Thank you very much!!!  

- William R. Los Angeles, CA


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November 6, 2004



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